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Cool, thanks for the advices!

One of the dead 500+'s I bought was indeed because of the battery, luckily I managed to find the dead copper track with a multimeter and soldered a wire on the flip side of the board to revive her, she's working great now. Though I haven't done the vinegar treatment yet.. that is my next priority. The other just needed a new drive which I took from the plain 500 and then desoldered the battery *before* it did any damage - bingo, 2 working 500+'s, hopefully for a while

I'm running from an RGB scart plugged into a Panasonic Viera .. only tested it on my 500+ running WB2.0 but the results are:
- The normal modes work great, although I had to go into the service mode and shift the picture as far right as it'll go
- SuperHires works (bit skinny though)
- Hires-interlaced (640x512) works but definitely 'flickers' or shimmers, particularly around the pointer if I move it around. When moving a window it sort of 'wobbles' into place.
- SuperHires-Interlaced works (1280x512 over SCART, nice!!) - s.l.o.w.l.y - but again has that flicker/shimmer/wobble type effect.
- The productivity modes, when I add the necessary monitor file, are out of sync. The first one is just about usable enough to set it back!

Don't know if it's just an ECS vs AGA thing though, will hook up the A1200 and see if there's any difference. If it's not an interlace issue it could be an upscaling problem as I don't think the Vieras are perfect at it on the video inputs.
Edit: Same thing on the A1200 under WB3.0

I think I'd quite like a 'useful' resolution like 1024x768 especially if I decide to try and get networking going and mess around with web browsing in the later versions. That's where I thought the flicker fixer might be necessary. Will see - indeed, it's a lot of money!

Considering it's just really messing around I'd be drifting towards the 030 accelerators with the thought in mind that I could always sell it easy enough if I decided to tweak it further.

Pretty sure I have a PCMCIA network card that works with Amigas somewhere, I remember looking into it once before and being pleasantly surprised that it was a compatible chip in it. If so, that could be an option for transferring things.

I won't be bothering with a CD - not with CF technology nowadays.

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