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Hi Cloudane,

You can't got wrong with a Blizzard 1230 MkIV, great 030 card and will run OS3.9 very well indeed. Unless you want to empty you wallet a lot more then you could look at an 040 or 060 card Again the Blizzards are nice cards to go for however you might find the Apollo's a little cheaper but they are limited to 32mb (64mb with 2nd Simm socket but then wont fit in a desktop A1200) Ram whereas the Blizzards will take 128mb (256mb with SCSI optional Kit)

Unless you use UAE you'll needa CDROM to install OS3.9, you can drive this off a Blizzard SCSI or Squirrell SCSI in the PCMCIA port. Other 68030 accelerator options like some models the Typhoon Mk2 have built in SCSI and can be a cheaper option then the Blizzards.

You'll need those 3.1 Roms to Run OS3.X as the 3.0 Roms do not support them.

You don't always need an Indivision AGA or indeed any flicker fixer, it depends on what screen you want to use, I have a nice little JVC LCD TV that will run the High Res Laced screens (640x512) without any flicker by RGB scart and this TV only cost me £30 so is a much cheaper option

Beware though that it can be a bit of a gamble with some makes of TV.

If you want to use a VGA monitor then you will need the Indivision as most do not support the standard Amiga RGB output.

Good luck with your project, keep us posted along the way

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