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Upgrading A1200 for OS3.9


I'm basically new to the whole thing - I had an Amiga 500 when I was 8 or so, OS 1.3, played around a little with 2.0 beta and then moved to the PC. I then spent the next 20 years missing it (and keeping an eye on developments, occasionally messing with emulation etc)

Now I have an A500 again (actually two 500+'s and a plain 500.. I got a little over enthusiastic on eBay "spares or repairs" and ended up fixing 2, the third only needs a new floppy) and am reliving the days.

I also have an A1200 ready for living the days that I didn't get to see last time It has Kick 3.1, although I've put 3.0 in until I get a HDD for faster power up. That should be arriving shortly - until then I will 'experience' 3.0 off floppies

~~~~ anyway ~~~~~

I'm going to be working my way through the OS versions, because I'm weird like that, if anything I'm more interested in the OS than the games... and so the long term plan is to upgrade all the way to 3.9. I'll not be disregarding games though there's some great stuff (much of which I've already been playing on the 500+) and I guess once the A1200 is my primary Miggy I'll switch to WHDload.

(In the more distant future I will also get a 4.1 box to play with, but I have plenty to be getting on with for now!)

I understand that 3.5 onwards doesn't run on a stock 1200 due to low RAM, and that a lot of the benefit is graphical so I'd be best off with a VGA output of some sort to enable the better resolutions and colours. And also that it'd be painful without an accelerator.

Sure I could just emulate and it'd be way cheaper and easier, but where's the fun in that...

Question is what's a relatively cost effective way (aside from emulation) of experiencing 3.5 and 3.9 on an A1200... from a little reading around my thoughts so far are:

Add an 030 accelerator and RAM - a popular one seems to be Blizzard 1230 Mk4, whilst sites like amigakit seem to sell E-Matrix 1230/50 when they're in stock. Are these all much the same, e.g. would the E-Matrix one do? Cost for that looks to be around £175

Add a VGA output - ideally a video card but that would involve a tower build probably running well into £1k - yikes. So a good desktop solution seems to be Indivision AGA, which may be coming back into stock soon (yay!) and going for about £130.

Even that seems like a lot to pump into it, but then again they are parts that can be easily re-sold if I got bored of it (as if). If cheaper second-hand gear is good enough, even better.

Does that seem to be the way to go? Would that 'simple' flickerfixer be enough to have a reasonable experience of the graphical advances of OS 3.9? And also would I need a custom PSU, or can the A500 brick handle those two additions? Anything else I'm missing that would empty my wallet?

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