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Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Would you really want to pay more just to be able to use ethernet and a CD-ROM or flash card reader at the same time?
Yes I would!.
That is what Amigakit want to hear.

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
Er doesn't that strengthen an argument for a new chipset based network card?
Turns out that Prism2 does support WPA. But not in hardware. WEP is done in hardware (which is why the author only did WEP).

This sounds like a development that AmigaKit could sponsor in return for an exclusive license for EasyNet?

Neil Cafferkey is already being offered a $2147 bounty write something for AROS which he doesn't look like he's accepted

Perhaps he could work on AmigaOS 3.x at the same time if the money was enough?

Originally Posted by Amigaman View Post
you really don't have to shoot down ideas for them.
Sorry if it read that way but I wasn't. I was qualifying that you understood that an alternative or workaround existed. AmigaKit will know about all these and so I think you need to say "you really want this feature regardless" for them to consider it.

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