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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Would you really want to pay more just to be able to use ethernet and a CD-ROM or flash card reader at the same time?
Yes I would!.

Don't forget that Amigakit is a business, and almost uniquely is competing with a market not of new parts, but against second hand. They can almost never beat the pricing of second hand and as such must offer functionality and support to stay competative. I have no problem with them turning a profit, that way they may be able to stay in the market a little longer. I think its time that some of us, who have been shy in the past about buying kit, put our hands in our pockets.

You might look at me and say, "Hah - like you can talk!" but don't be fooled. I may have been away a while from the scene, but I got my first 500 in 1990, and 1200s since 95, and I have spend a lot of money supporting my various machines including purchasing a Picasso 4, a micronik tower (funny plastic mk1!) zorro board, Blizzard 1260, and loads more kit to boot. If ever I bought drives, I always bought from Amiga dealers, even though they were more expensive.

We don't have the luxury of for example a £5 USB card in our tiny marketplace; we have chosen our path to support Amiga. I am not saying buy something you don't need, but don't put off buying something; you might not get another chance

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Is that even a software function? Are you sure the Prism2 chipset can do WPA2?
Er doesn't that strengthen an argument for a new chipset based network card? I think someone called Cammy mentioned another network adapter that plugs into the clockport, but it had no drivers?? wwould this one support WPA2 if drivers were written?

btw Alexh, Amigakit started this thread to find out what people wanted, and get ideas. They can decide what is viable and what isn't, you really don't have to shoot down ideas for them.
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