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Originally Posted by thgill View Post
Someone breaks into your wifi and downloads child pron or makes terrorist threats or downloads a leaked early version of the summers blockbuster movie ( ), than you are the one whose ass is on the line. Especially with a freaking spoofed MAC addy that points right back to your machine.
Wow! People must really want to make you look bad! :-)

So, when you had a land-line (or if you still do), did you make sure to lock your TNI (the box on your house where you phone line comes in) so someone couldn't walk up and plug in a phone and make terrorist threats?
True, it's not as lo-key as sitting in a car with a laptop. But believe me, if you have a belt with telephone equipment, no one will question you.

So, do people routinely lock those boxes? (They have loops for locks.) I doubt it.. Low risk...

It's a percentage game..

Of course, security risk/benefit analysis is a bit out of scope here.. :-)


Hey, do you have a facebook page? I always love it when security conscous people are on facebook? :-) :-)
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