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But MAC filtering gives a false sense of security. If its all you have, its a little better than nothing. However, in this day and age, there is no reason to only rely on such a flawed security method. People in general (not specifically you) need to be educated on why this stuffs important.

Someone breaks into your wifi and downloads child pron or makes terrorist threats or downloads a leaked early version of the summers blockbuster movie ( ), than you are the one whose ass is on the line. Especially with a freaking spoofed MAC addy that points right back to your machine.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
But MAC spoofing, while not difficult, is a conscious act; and the person has gone from a casual "borrower" to an intentional thief. Very different in a court of law.

So I guess if I go over to my neighbors house and plug in an extension cable into an outside outlet and run it over to my place thats much different than just breaking out a window and running the cable from inside their place?

Whilst I did "break in", I am still stealing a service/item that doesn't belong to me and that wasn't offered as free to take.

Course this is all academic as the courts (at least in the US) still have problems with wrapping their head around things in the internet/computer age. "Spoofed MAC what? Boy don't be lieing...we know you gots that kiddie porn. Life in prison for you!!"

Besides...I still want a wifi card for my A1200 (pcmcia or clockport) that supports modern encryption methods. I love it, but not enough to drop my security down to WEP.
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