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Originally Posted by thgill View Post
MAC filtering is completely useless.
No it's not. You say so right here:

Originally Posted by thgill View Post
Stops only the very most casual of thieves.
And my guess is that almost all wi-fi thieves are casual thieves.

They'll poke around looking for free wi-fi. Maybe use a piece of software to find the SSID if it's hidden...

But MAC spoofing, while not difficult, is a conscious act; and the person has gone from a casual "borrower" to an intentional thief. Very different in a court of law.

Of course, encryption is always better, but MAC filtering and hiding your SSID will stop a huge percentage of problems.

The people it won't stop? They are probably very motivated if they don't just go elsewhere where it's easy. They also might be good enough to use your open bluetooth to get your WPA keys anyway.
(Not you, I'm sure you don't have bluetooth open ever, I'm just throwing out an example..) ;-)

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