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My comment wasn't really about price as a factor. Just functionality. I meant that your needed to appeal to all A1200 regardless of what hardware they own to sell products in that price bracket. But I do know what you mean and price is a big thing, with anything.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
We would love USB, but can't justify spending over $100 USD for that
Why would you love USB? I never understood why anyone made a Native Amiga USB host in the first place! Let alone how people were able to sell it. USB only appealed to a very small subset of Amiga users, incredibly small. The three top reasons to get USB on the A1200 each have ultra cheap PCMCIA equivalents. Wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet & Mass Storage. Add to that HID devices (keyboard & mouse) and Mass Storage not working in the majority of games and you've got a poor product.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
So, you're not going to get the whole (or even most) Amiga 1200 crowd.
Price wise I would agree with you. But I still think with the right product you can appeal to all A1200 owners ready to spend that amount of money. Do you not think the Indivision AGA 1200 was one of those products? Existing products in this area (DCE ScanMagic/FlickerMagic) were relatively rare, they were sub-standard in terms of quality and compatibility. More and more people wanted to use an LCD monitor rather than a CRT monitor or TV.

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
But you can shoot for the smaller subset who has proven they will open their wallets more for their hobby..
I'm not sure that is true any more? Most of us 30-somethings have less disposable income right now than at any time in our lives. Perhaps you are right. Lets Tax the devoted fans (again)

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