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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
...You need to be able to target almost every A1200 owner regardless of what hardware they own today for the project to be a commercial success.
Not going to happen...

I think it's more likely to be something high end that targets a subset of the small A1200 market that they can charge more for.. Just as they did with the ZorRam.
Yes, it's a smaller market, but you can charge those people more.

There are too many 1200 owners who just can't (won't) justify spending over $x amount, and that amount is less than an accelerator or most of the other ideas would cost.

We (assuming I'm included :-) would love USB, but can't justify spending over $100 USD for that, especially considering some of us don't have RAM/Accelerators yet (because we feel they are too expensive).

So, you're not going to get the whole (or even most) Amiga 1200 crowd.

But you can shoot for the smaller subset who has proven they will open their wallets more for their hobby..

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