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Originally Posted by clueless View Post
IMHO any new hardware which isn't top of the range, a must have and comparable if not better than what has already been developed -wont be a particularly good commercial success.
I whole heartedly agree. I'd even go further and say comparable is not good enough. The Amiga market is too small. I imagine you need to be able to target almost every A1200 owner regardless of what hardware they own today for the project to be a commercial success?

ZorRAM is an example of a hardware project which targeted a small subset of Amiga owners. It was for a subset of Amiga owners (only A3000 & A4000 owners) and then a subset of A3000/A4000 owners (i.e. ones without an accelerator which could take Fast RAM).

I'd be curious to know the ROI of that project. I think in a previous thread that AmigaKit said it was a positive value (but then they would, wouldn't they? )

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