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workbench 3.1 & a1200

hello all,

okay some questions on WB3.1 ...

ive been away from the amiga since about 1994 - the A1200 was new (ish) then, commodore had just died and i bought an 486 to play doom!

anyway i have a 1200 with a 4gb cf hard drive, 4mb ram card and an ADF cf pcmcia card...


OS3.1 is looking very old and bland (it did in 1994) can it be updated to nice icons, 3d or whatever?
most things i try to install from aminet fail - mui missing this that or the other, missings scripts, library 38+ , insert DH0 in to any drive, failed to open, bad argument, installer missing.....etc etc

what should i install on a clean os 3.1 to make current as can be?

thanks all
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