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For those who would like to try the game, be warned. Although I am not a veteran platform player, I think I can safely say that this is not a game for beginners. You can easily be killed and have some relatively tricky jumps to make (early in the game that is).

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Thank you, but there is nothing in Event Viewer at the time I was playing Frogatto. Could you tell me how can I switch off or remove Microsoft Fax?
Sure, I'll just ask my father Bill Gates, he knows a thing or two about Windows .

More seriously, try the device manager (Win + Pause) and then be sure in the View/Display menu to select 'show hidden devices'.

I managed to pass the level you mentioned (without a crash) so find attached a saved game archive (rename/delete your userdata folder and unzip mine in its place) made in the following level.

Hopefully, the game won't crash for you after that.

Hmmm apparently, the source (and also the Mac and Debian versions) are available:

So you can just download them and fix the issue by yourself (in the tradition of "no driver for your hardware in the linux distro you installed? Just write one yourself, it's easy....")

Edit: They have a support section in their forums, so you can report your issue:

Apparently, the game has built-in error report somewhere. I suppose in stderr.txt ?
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