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Actionware produced a few shooting games for the Amiga range of computers back in the 1980s. These phaser guns were designed to only work with Actionware games on the Amiga, however thanks to WHDLoad, a program which patches Amiga games to run from the hard drive instead of floppy disk, you can use these guns with all Amiga phaser games, including those from Actionware, Trojan and Loriciel. If you'd like to see the games that are playable with this gun and an Amiga, here they are:

Of course, if you don't have an Amiga or aren't interested in getting one the gun isn't much use to you, but many Amiga owners would be happy to own one so we can play these games which we've had to use a mouse with due to the lack of Amiga-compatible phaser guns being available.
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