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Thanks for the info Steve, will start looking more into it once ive got the tower working how it should. No worries about posting, just post when you get a chance, its been in the loft for ages so waiting abit longer isnt going to be a problem

Peter ive been through the whole lot and theres no sign of your one sorry. I must say most of these games arent from my collection I sold all my stuff when I moved houses ages ago. All this stuff I got a few years ago from either ebay or carboot sales so I have no idea whats there. Thats why I dont know much about the Tower as it was purchased and then put away so im glad I found this site!

I will work on a list abit later then as thats going to take some serious time to type up.

Ive also got a load of Amiga User International cover discs (by far the best amiga magazine) and a huge amount of CU Amiga and Amiga Format CD cover discs. Best thing I ever brought was a external cd drive for my Miggy 1200 back in the day. So if anyone needs any of that stuff listed?

So going back to this scavenge game, how come you are searching so much for it?
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