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Originally posted by Korodny
As you correctly point out, POWER4 systems are pretty much vaporware now. If you want to create a custom hardware to run your OS (which is required to fund the development of the OS) and want to stay on a big endian CPU, what choices are there apart from PPC? Let me spell it out for you: NONE
For Apple only. IBM has already shipped Power4 systems. A desktop version of this CPU might end up on 2003 PowerMacs.
As for wanting to stay on a big endian CPU. I never said there were other choices, just that it is a business choice to keep control and not that it would be of any benefit to the end-user.
That's simply bullshit. You have a Mac and you're going to use it for a few years until you upgrade to whatever is available then. I'll do the same. There's no problem here.
On the contrary I never keep a system for a few years. And even if I did I have a choice of CPU upgrade cards from a 3rd party. I'm not forced to go to Apple if I do not want to.
Excuse me, didn't you just sell your complete G4 motherboard to buy a dual G4 motherboard? It seems that for you disposable motherboards are the way to go?
No, I sold my entire system because not only did I need a speed boost, but the pricing was so low it was like getiing the extra CPU for nothing. The architecture was also a factor, in terms of the new ATA100, DDR and L3 cache which I did not have in my 800Mhz Quicksilver.
Bullshit. It's not Amiga's/Hyperion's fault that Merlancia dropped all their projects. And there is the SharkPPC range (the combination Mediator + SharkPPC will be able to work as a standalone computer, it doesn't need a classic Motherboard attached). And there's another solution still not announced publicly.
Merlancia has got to the worst of them all. Their products are just rendered. And they tend to rip off any unsuspecting A1200 buyer on Ebay with their overpriced stock Amigas.
Bullshit. The AmigaOne-XE (which is already finished (including the BIOS) and waiting to go into production once the first production run of the AmigaOneG3-SE is sold) is equipped with a "MegArray" CPU connector. That's the standard CPU connector used by Apple. An AmigaOne-XE will accept standard Apple CPU upgades, including Dual- or Quad-G4 units (though AmigaOS will not support multiple processors). [/B]
Until it can be ordered and delivered, it's just vaporware. It's built and exists and does all these wonderful things, yadda yadda, but still they can't get the SE out the door.
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