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LOL if I do sell the stuff I will of course mention it here first, too be honest I thought they were all cheap as chips coz its old stuff but having a quick search on ebay and it seems Amiga Towers still go for quite abit.

Once I get the memory from Steve I can power it back up and then ask you lot for help with the original questions but pointless doing it now why It wont run anything due to memory problem.

I have already gone through one box of floppies in search of your "scavenge" but nothing mate but still got loads more to go through which I might get to today.

Regarding the adf and demos stuff how can I put them to floppy, is there something I can use on my pc to copy them but then again can a pc even copy to an Amiga floppy?

Im ahem slighly older too, well 37 but to me thats old

Im glad I asked on here about the tower because I knew it had extras done to id but didnt realise it was pimped out and just thought it was a standard A1200 put in tower case with a scan doubler and keyboard / ps2 thing to enable it to use pc stuff such as monitor.

Thanks for posting the simm Steve.

Im off into town now, speak to you all later.
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