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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
What are you going to do with all this stuff once it's up and running ?
Are you getting back into the Amiga or are you going to sell it all?

You certainly have a great set up there - it's a really good time to get back into the Amiga as there is just SO MUCH stuff on-line now and great advice and help available.

What did you do on your Amiga's when you first had them?

Any other info would be very very useful - lists, pictures -anything - you never know whats hidden on those floppy disks and in those boxes!
Not sure what im going to do with it all to be honest. The main reason of getting it out of the loft was because the wife wants all my junk cleared and sold but as I got it out all the memories came flooding back of the good old days of playing sensible soccer and Deluxe Galaga not to mention Scorched Tanks so have not decided yet.

As for the stuff online do you mean adf files and such? id like to know more so am glad I found this place

When I had the miggy it was only ever used as a games machine and doing the odd letter on Wordsworth but many an hour was spent infront of it. I remember every sunday going down to the local hall where everyone with Amigas met up and just spent the whole morning copying everyones games, Piracy was a big thing back then with the Amiga. But no one ever bothered about it, one Sunday we even had the police in the same hall marking peoples bikes with invisible ink for free while we were all doing our Amiga stuff and they didnt do anything. Really wish the Amiga scene came back, I remember hearing that Commodore had been brought out by whoever it was (cant remember) hoping that they would really advertise it but nothing ever seemed to happen

Will look at some of the stuff over the weekend if I can and post more details.
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