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OK thanks for all that, you guys really know your stuff

The expansion card has a slot for the memory, on the memory chip theres two tiny little things soldered so it and one of them snapped off, after that it now says not enough ram so guess that tiny thing was important but at least its replaceable. It had a 32 mb of ram on it so thats what I need to buy but theres loads of different types of ram on ebay so need to know the specific type like, dim, sim, edo etc etc so a point would be appreciated.

The wife wants to watch a film so will be a delay in me replying but will check back through the evening to check on replies.

Glad its a high end one, just need to get it working correctly but will start with the ram for expansion slot first.

Also the white part on the expansion card is perfect, no sign of battery wear.

thanks again for your help so far.
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