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Firstly thats an Awesome Amiga you have there, very high end spec

Ok, what I can see there:

This Tower is based on the Amiga 1200 (the Motherboard is taken from the A1200 and fitted to a tower so there is more room for expansions, such as your PCI busboard)

Accelerator Card - Apollo 1260

The card with the Ram is also the CPU , that card is an Apollo 1260 and can hold up to 32mb Ram or 64mb (2x 32mb if you have a 2nd Simm socket fitted)

Whats broken with it? Looks ok in the picture, perhaps the Ram chip isn't seated proerly?

I suggest getting the battery removed as they leak and destroy the card, is there any green signs of leakage by the battery? (the round white plastic thing)

As far as Accelerator cards for Amiga's go this is a high end card capable of running some of the most demanding apps for the Amiga.

Mediator Board

Looks like a Mediator 1200SX this has all the PCI slots for your upgrades.

GFX Card - Voodoo 5 5500

As above, this looks like a Voodoo 5 5500 this card has 64mb Ram, pretty much one of the best PCI Graphics cards ever made.

DCE Ficker Fixer/Scan Doubler

I can see behind the Mediator you have a flicker fixer or scan doubler, this is what is giving you the extra VGA socket and this is for displaying the Amiga's native screen modes on a VGA monitor.

4 Way Buffered IDE

This is what connects up all your HDD/CD drives to the Amiga's onboard IDE.

Other cards

I can see you have a LAN Network card and TV Tuner card, the LAN Card is probably a Realtec 8139


This is a very inpressive amiga setup indeed.

To setup the video card screen modes you'll need to install Picasso 96, do you have the CDRom for the Mediator? (MMCD) its should be a yellow CD and this has a full guide to setting up the Voodoo.

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