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Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
yep got a 3dfx card and wintv card and network card all connected to a mediator pci thing which has lots of pci slots.

When photographing the expansion card a piece of the memory broke so now when booting it says not enough ram for everything LOL so need to buy a new memory chip so next question is what is the maximum the Amiga supports and I can buy it from ebay what kind of ram do I need? should be cheap enough as its probably old ram now.

Starting to upload pics to web so will post pics in abit.


I'm sorry you broke something, hopefully we can tall from the pics what is broken. The Ram its self id cheap (ish) but the expansion cards are not! So it depends on what you've broken.

Regarding the amount of Ram, that will depend on what expansion card you have.

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