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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Anyone tried the CDTV version of DOTC?
I have tried the CDTV version. It is pretty much a "shovel-port" of the original floppy version to CD with a few minor changes.

Most of the changes:
1). CD Sound track replaces regular Amiga music (The CD Sound Track is poorly done in my opinion, and this version has less music than the original DOTC)
3). Most text boxes removed and replaced with audio voice over
4). Minor graphic enhancements - screens now fade in and out, etc
5). A few extra sound effects added in spots
6). On-Line Manual included
7). CDTV added to the title screen so the title reads - "Defender of the Crown CDTV"
8). Strength bars are shown in the raiding sequence

Apparently that one has Greek fire and disease.
No, it doesn't have Greek fire or disease. Even though the manual talks about Greek fire and disease just like the manual of the original Amiga version which doesn't have it either.

Not sure if it doesn't feature the other missing bits already.
No, it doesn't. Like I already said, it is a "shovel-port" of the original floppy disk version.

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