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Amiga Tower out the attic


Ive got an old Amiga Tower out of the attic that I brought a good few years ago but am having a few problems.

First off the Amiga has 2 vga inputs one which works on my 15" monitor and is connected I think to the amiga motherboard via a ribbon cable. The 2nd connection is a 3dfx card which I cant get to work on the 15" monitor as it just says "video out of range"

Also theres loads of stuff inside this tower and I want to find out the spec of it, I know on Windows you can right click "my computer" and get the spec of the pc but how do you find out the spec of an Amiga??

Also I am unable to hold the 2 mouse buttons together at boot up to get the boot options screen as again it doesnt seem to show it on the monitor.

Any help appreciated.

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