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Originally Posted by Ambermoon View Post

@Baboon: Yes, 3dsmax was used + some photoshopping for texturing and post-production. Since 3dsmax may be a bit costly for a private user (and I'm sure you don't want to use an illegal copy) I'd suggest Blender for starters, if you want to learn 3D. That is one of the very few open source packages out there being on par with (and in parts even better than) the big professional packages. Much, much more than enough to begin with. And don't get disappointed if you can't get perfect results right away. It's not the software that counts, it's the (wo)man before the screen. And there are many things to learn before things start to look really good.

If you want you can even start learning 3D with WinUAE (or an Amiga) itself. The first program I used seriously (many, many years ago) was Imagine 2.0. If you want to know, how things were done back then in the good old times. When only real men were capable of doing such things.
I guessed you used 3dsmax by the quality of it. I'm pretty good with photoshop and illustrator but have never really dabbled with a 3D art package before (well apart from the 3D thats available in illustrator).

I'd love to dive in and have a go but unfortunately time isn't on my side (I'm already learning Flash & AS3 and have a baby on the way).

I look forward to the final release of the bezel art.

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No, keep the shade... I like it.
I agree.
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