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Hey All!

Thought I'd bring this topic back to life

I've got an 060 now, thanks by the matthey, I did try your drivers and the Demo's on my 030 setup but I couldn't get anything going. I actually thought I had posted about that so sorry for that

I've tried setting up Warp3D again off the Mediator CD and still can't get anything going, but will try some more tonight. I tried the Gears Demo but that just says it cannot open the screen, I'll have to try the cow demo and such later on.

With regards to GL Quake (BlitzQuake), can anybody help me out with a full setup ready to rock and roll upload? I own the genuine Quake CD but I just can't get the setup right it always says 'Cannot find QuakeDir' not really sure what I'm doing wrong, I've put all the Quake files in the BlitzQuake Drawer.

Maybe someone could upload to the Zone (without the .PAK files) to keep it legit and under 20mb?

By the way the ClickBoom version of Quake runs great @ 320x240 through the Voodoo, I think 18+ FPS and thats full screen so I'm pleased with that =)


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