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@thughes, @TCD

I will have the following ready for tonight. So you could possibly exclude these:

Alien Fires (Disks, Manual, Extras, Box) (Jagware Release) (SPS Dumped)
Damocles (White Diskscan) (NTSC) (SPS Dumped)
The Immortal (Disks) (EA US Release - Has green label) (SPS Dumped - Boot Disk & Data Disk) -> Have errors | Will retry cleaning)

@thughes if you've the same one with green label an SPS dump would be great.

I may do 'The Immortal' manual if I feel motivated enough.

I have actually scanned a lot of manuals. I just have to compile them into PDFs. I have them as TIFF images at the moment. I am expecting to have all of these done in the coming weeks.

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