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Is Classic WB Lite compatible with CGX4?

I'm just getting my A4000 set up after the MB caps and simm sockets were replaced. I have also just got an Indivision (great kit btw) and I'm taking its output and routing it to the pass through input of my CV64.

Native screenmodes work on the LCD I'm using. When I insall p96 within 3.1 ClassicWb Lite, the CV64 works. But P96 is noticeably slower than CGX4- I know this beacsue I have a seperate 3.9 with CGX 4 partition, which works fine. Well here's the thing: installing CGX 4 after removing p96 results in a grey screen or a crash with any CGX screen modes. i repeat P96 is fine. So is there anything in Classic WB Lite that conflicts with CGX (btw the same happened with the CV64/3D board)
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