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I have to agree with Alexh here,

I honestly dont see how an 8MB card could be produced and marketed and stand a chance competing with second user price tags as cheap as the 4/8MB cards - unless extra features were put on...

Lets take as 8MB PCMCIA reconfiguring card with one or more of the following
  • An onboard 16bit sound card
    (the A1200 port also carries the audio chanel date so chanlle mixing is possible)
  • A 10mbit network card -
    (theres lots of 5volt tollerant 1 chip solutions that can add this feature *amongst others cheaply)
  • DMA Disk Acccess
    (Lots of 5 volt tollerant chips that can implement an UDMA 66 Channel)
  • 3D Accelerated Graphics Adapter
    (Many 5 volt tollerant 3D chipsets are avaialbe for use)

To be fair though, when you get to that level it would be wiser and cheaper to make an accelerator card (as this WILL sell) with market avaialbe - if they add say a local "AKBus32" for additions like a 3D gfx card / sound card or network card - that would be rocking =D
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