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* Support for new emulated systems (CDTV, CD32, Amiga 600)
Admittedly this could be clearer, but what's new is direct access to these from the Player. Amiga Forever has always 'supported' these (in the sense that WinUAE emulated them and Cloanto supplied the relevant ROMs).

* CDTV/CD32 games run directly from original CD media, or
from RP9 or ISO/BIN/CUE images
Again, what's new is that the Player can run these directly. You don't need to upgrade to Amiga Forever 2010 for this - Amiga Forever *automatically* updates itself to the latest (stable, non-beta) version of WinUAE.

* Integrated printing via original Amiga EpsonQ drivers
(printer is now emulated - no need for new Amiga drivers)
Toni's mentioned this one already.

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