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Originally posted by Korodny

Probably because they're no "euro-geeks", right? Boy, you don't have that -> <- much of a clue. What's the difference between licensing and tweaking a PPC based reference design (AmigaOne) and doing the same with a POWER based reference design?

Damn, I answered that question a long time ago. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that the PPC architecture is old and painfully showing its limitations in its current form. And while Apple and IBM are moving to discard the old and move on to a new more robust PPC platform, A1 is looking to sell un-upgradeable, end of life products to Amiga faithfuls.
You still owe me an explanation why "they" suck? If you agree that the "quick buck" that is made with the AmigaOne hardware is neccessary to make OS4 reality, why does somebody "suck" then? Does Apple suck (they need their custom hardware base as much as we need it)?
I answered this too. "They suck" because they're selling products that are end of life as a starting point for a new Amiga. I'm fine with custom hardware, but a disposable motherboard is not the way to go. 3rd party hardware developers are locked out. No one to go to but Eyetech for the hardware. And they want it that way.
Still you bought a Mac (probably a G4, as you're running OSX). Isn't that stupid if Power4 based machines will be available next week?
I went from a single 800 Mhz to a dual 867. And it was only $100 more than what I paid for my single when it came out. That's a bargain. And don't have to wait to see any gains in performance. Some form of Power4 derived systems are not yet a reality and until they are I'm not going to let my purchasing decisions be made by what is essentially vaporware at this time.
No matter how you twist it, Apple does suck as much as Amiga/Hyperion/Eyetech (both want to sell you PPC based computers right now) and you are as stupid as me (as we bought such a computer). [/B]
Don't you get it, it's not that PPC sucks, it's Eyetech/A1 for selling closed systems so only they control the upgrade path for the CPU.
If you want OS4 you HAVE to buy the G3 board they are selling. If you want a faster one you need to swap it out completely and buy another board from them. Will it be socketed as they say? Highly unlikely since they'll be giving up control at that point.
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