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An Amiga True Fan!!

I had an Amiga when I was about 12 years old!
I remember me going to dixons one day close to my birthday!!
And being offered an Amiga a500 for my present!!
Thinking back now! I was BUZZING, and couldn't wait the 2 days(sunday/mon) to open it..
So decided to set alarm for 3am sunday morning, where I quietly took it from it's holding place - And set it up downstairs !!
I remember just puting in the 3.5" disk for the first time and thinking, This is amazing!
(having only had cassette tape computers before this!!)
That was it I was hooked!, I sat up till my mother caught me about 7am.. and beg'd her to let me carry on using it.. (which she did)
And the rest is history.. Had thousands of happy hours gaming and a bit of programming, upgraded to an a2000 later on.. ((Loved it))
But to my shock an horror, got stolen many years ago..

I totally forgot all about my great times with the Amiga! but came across an old amiga User mag yesterday! And this got me thinking about it again!!
And that's how I've ended up here!!
And this time it's going to be even better!! Well Hope So!! ha ha ha..

Anyway that's my story... and I guess I will be contacting and asking questions to lots of you! I hope I can be of some use too!!
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