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Originally Posted by spajdr View Post
Or for 3D Vision shutter glasses from NVIDIA, but how it would look with 2D Games?
The use of shutter glasses with the Amiga goes way back. The X-Specs glasses worked fine, but there wasn't much software that supported them. The game "Space Spuds" that shipped with the glasses showed their potential though. As far as how they would look with 2D games, they wouldn't really give you any 3-D effect. You'd have to have images that were rendered differently for left and right eye in order to get the desired effect.

I'm rather skeptical about the possibility of adding generic support in the emulator to provide 3D effects using red/blue glasses either. Again, the images need to be rendered differently for the left and right eye to get the effect you want, and I can't see how the emulator could intelligently make the necessary adjustments to the image. Of course you could always write new code that did so, but getting the old games to run in 3D without rewriting them isn't at all likely.
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