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My main Amiga specs are,

A1200 Blizzard060/PPC603 60Mhz/240Mhz / 256Mb RAM / 2 x 500GB HDs / 2 x DVD Burners / FASTATA MKIII / Cocolino Wireless Mouse / Custom built Amplifier

The version of Frodo I use is 'Frodo V4.1a PPC rev 4'. It can run 99% of all C64 games at full speed/ full screen on the above set up.

Strangely enough I have two versions of Frodo that have the exact same version numbers, but one only opens on a WB window and has no sound, while the other opens on a full screen with sound (the one I use..).

Dunno why their are two with the same version no's but i haven't been able to find the full screen one that runs best anywhere on the net. (pretty sure I got it off an old monthly CD magazine I used to subscribe to, 100% Amiga it was called).
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