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Happy New Amiga & C64 Forever 2010.1 Released

If you're interested (I've just upgraded my version of 2008 Premium to 2010 for £6'ish )

Originally Posted by Cloanto
After more than one year of work we are pleased to announce a new milestone version of Amiga Forever:
Originally Posted by Cloanto

* New Features

* Quick Instructions for Upgraders

* Special Upgrade Link (EUR 14.95 only until August 23)

While the initial 2010 version was ready a few weeks ago, we preferred to work deep into the summer because we wanted to further polish it with special attention to the needs and feedback of our most active users. The resulting 2010.1.5.0 version has just been released, following a more intense than usual series of minor updates that reflects the ongoing collaboration with power users and third-party providers of
RP9 tools and content. As in the past, this is a free update if you already have a 2010 version, and we expect to follow with many more free updates.

New features of Amiga Forever 2010.1 include:

* Support for new emulated systems (CDTV, CD32, Amiga 600)

* Extended RetroPlatform Library (more than 20,000 titles)
and content recognition code

* New user interface features to more easily swap disks,
insert blank disks, grab screens, apply screenshots, etc.

* Support for Open RP9 format (packs multiple disk images
and configuration in one file)

* CDTV/CD32 games run directly from original CD media, or
from RP9 or ISO/BIN/CUE images

* Integrated printing via original Amiga EpsonQ drivers
(printer is now emulated - no need for new Amiga drivers)

* Faster, multithreaded content caching

* Enhanced Export to Device functionality to
save games to SD card, etc.

* Hundreds of improvements to make the software more
powerful and easy to use

* More at

At the same time, we also released a 2010.1 version of
C64 Forever, with similar new features and enhanced recognition of older 8-bit titles (not just C64, but also PET/CBM, VIC 20, C16, etc.) We just published some links to newly supported 8-bit games at

On the Amiga side, content recognition was also extended to cover a majority of known CDTV and CD32 titles. As we continue our cataloging effort, we are also gathering rating information for future parental control functionality. Lots of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever users enjoy playing classic games with their children, and we'll try to assist in selecting the best content. An additional project that is in the works is a special "kiosk" operation mode for museums.

For making all of this possible, we again have to thank you and the numerous contributors and testers (listed in the
documentation) who assisted our development team.

Amiga Forever remains available in a downloadable Plus Edition (which allows you to burn your own CD) and a Premium Edition (boxed package with CD and two video DVDs). While the software on the CD is new, the videos in the 2010 Premium Edition have not changed (
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