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well nothing actually brought me back to the Amiga, I wasn't here the first time round
I had an Acorn Archimedes which got me some Amiga games (GODS, Lotus 2 etc)

I was thinking of getting an Amiga for the retro games that I didn't have before. Discovered this place, and WinUae... and never looked back. Well actually I did, I found Winuae difficult to use because I didn't understand "Amigas". Thought "**** it I need a REAL machine."

Bought my first A1200 soon after and an Indivision AGA to play on my LCD. Discovered WHDLOAD and bought myself a key and thats been it. Hooked.

Truly bitten by the "old crap" bug. The A1200 was followed by a second for spares, my 8MB ram card gave way to an 030 which then made room for an 060 (still got the 8mb card as backup.)

I then deviated from the Amiga and got myself an Atari Falcon (and was given an STE and STF) Lovely though my collection has become, I still missed my old Acorn kit. So I recently acquired a Risc PC (which I could never have afforded back in the day) and an Older Acorn A3000.

So it could be said that my introduction to Amiga brought me back to my old Acorn kit via a few Atari's along the way .

And I wouldn't part with ANY of it.
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