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What brought you back to Amiga?

Firstly, big apologies to everyone if this thread has been done before, AND if I have put this in the wrong place (No offence intended!!!!) I am new here!

I realise that a lot of you guys that are here have never been away from the Amiga, but in a way I haven't ever lost the faith, I just didn't have the money to keep going.

But, what broguht me back was CF adapters. I came across one one day at a computer fair in London and thought "Hey.. wait a moment.. what if I..." and then did a little research, adn found you guys had already had that idea. plus someone on E-bay mentioned swapping the floppy disk for a super slim CD-ROM using another adapter. I though must have a go at this!

So here I am, about 6 months down the line, some new A600's and A1200s all lined up for different case mods and hardware upgrades. Its been really great going over the board here for ideas, and plans.and general I never got rid of my old kit, but they had long since been towered up. I have been biggger, now I want smaller. So far I ahev a A600 with CD rom, buffered IDE, 4gb CF, and a semi completed A1200 with floppy replaced (extended out to an external bay) Shame AmigaKit ran out of FAST ATA IIIs Is Elbox moving away from the market? I still have the very first PCI kit they sold, and a Power Tower! though the drive packed up while in storage.

So, that is why I am back for the future.. anyone else?
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