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Originally Posted by ppill View Post
A new desktop case that could house the old motherboard. New, more ergonomic keyboard. Different colours (black!), designs etc.
While I have never been a fan of converting an all-in-one Amiga into a Towered monster, I could warm up to the idea of a slimline desktop case conversion kit.

Perhaps similiar to an A1000 or old school pizza box Mac. Would have enough room in it to still fit and cool a powerful accelerator and fit some other goodies that the original A1200 case require heavy modding to facilitate.

Room for of course floppy drive and perhaps a slimline cd/dvd drive? Still keep the PCMCIA slot accessible on the left hand side. Include a PS2 keyboard adapter with the kit. Provide a knockout on the back so users with AGA Indivision 1200's can cleanly place their VGA connectors. Perhaps do the same for scsi connectors for expansions that have them. Lots of possibilities.

No sure the best course for the PSU. Maybe leave some room in the case in case the user wants to home brew their own PSU solution, otherwise they can keep using their standard external brick power supply.

If designed for the masses, I think something like this could sell like hotcakes. Keep the styling in the Amiga/classic 80's/early 90's format and price it to sell. I doubt Amigakit could keep them in stock!

Damn...I might just go and find a dead pizza box Mac and see what I can do with modding the case.
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