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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi arcadeguru, and welcome to EAB!

My word, you have been busy upgrading your Amigas!

Don't do it! You won't get a much better display than via RGB to SCART TV; certainly not enough to justify the cost of the Indivision.
Thats pretty good advice there from Prowler

Although the Indi Does support High GFX (1024x768) and can look pretty nice but to be honest thats not much of a jump above your 640x512 Interlaced modes.

If you really want to be amazed put it all in a Tower and go for a Mediator/PCI setup. I run a Voodoo 5 5500 and workbench in 24bit screens like 1280x1024 is truely awesome

By the way, welcome to EAB

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