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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Chaos Engine 2 is one of the very underpreciated game. You shouldn't feel it as a sequel to awesome first part. It is an independent game, only with characters from its prequel. It is not a game for anyone, not a mainstream game. If you get into it, you will like it. But of course, the first part will always have ten times more fans.
I totally agree with you. I have the same view and I like CE2. Maybe not equally to stunning CE but still CE2 is a nice game if you just forget that it is a sequel.

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
I'm a bit surprised the Bitmap Bros didn't re-use and enchance/expand the formula from Chaos Engine I.
Maybe they decided that sequel does not have to be in the same mood or genre as the first part? I also wish that CE2 had been more like CE but with new levels, riddles and ideas but maybe BB didn't want that because they had thought this would have been just an enhanced version or data disk.
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