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Originally Posted by Franko View Post
It seems quite a few folk want a new Amiga case why not build your own out of wood like I did (well MDF to be exact) cost less than a tenner and a couple of days work.
Wow! Nice...

Why don't I?

Because I can't draw a straight line with "line mode" in DPaint!!! :-(

I measure twice, get two different numbers.. Then I keep measuring until the same number comes up twice. It will eventually happen.
Then I draw my line..
Totally miss my points based on my numbers..
Try to erase it, but end up just smudging the pencil on the wood.
Finally redraw the line to match the points.

Start to cut.. Realize that I can't cut any straighter than I can draw lines.. :-(

Finally get it cut and it's almost straight.. ish.. kind of...

Force it together with lots of glue and caulk and whatever else..

Add spacers to stop it from wobbling....

Look at it in admiration of a job finally finished..


Then I throw it away and buy something premade..

But that's just me..

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