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Chaos Engine 2, AGA vs. OCS/ECS?

Which version of Chaos Engine 2 is better, AGA or OCS/ECS?

I am planning to play it once I finish Chaos Engine 1, and I want to play the better version.

I am asking because when it comes to Chaos Engine 1, I personally prefer OCS miles over AGA. AGA support seemed slapped on and ruined the mood of the gfx IMO.

Judging from the screenshots on HOL, Chaos Engine 2 also seems to look better on ECS/OCS. It looks like it was developed for ECS/OCS and then AGA was added later. For example, there are status indicators inbetween the two screens, and the map is not broken up by a black line in the ECS/OCS version. It seems more complete...
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