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Defender of the Crown - Patching / improving

(I hope that this is the right section to post this in)

Here's a crazy idea that I want to put out.

As we all know the Amiga version of Defender of the Crown is missing a lot of features / gameplay elements that were added in ports to other machines most notably the Commodore 64. For instance sword fighting on the Amiga version is just mad clicking while other versions have a method to it. Also another example is in the castle siege, in the Amiga version you can only throw rocks while in other versions you can throw Greek fire and Disease.

Anyways, I was thinking, is there enough interest in the Amiga scene for someone or some people to edit / hack the Amiga version of DOTC to add the missing features that are in other versions of the game? I know that this would be a major undertaking. But I was wondering if there is any interest out there in the Amiga scene for such a project? To me, DOTC, is a monumental part of the Amiga's history, and since this is the 25th anniversary of the Amiga, to me it would be fitting for such a project to be done - a Defender of the Crown Re-Loaded as it where.

Of course it might be easier to take all the pictures, music, etc, and start with fresh code, and re-code the whole game maybe adding AGA support and new features as well.

Well, am I just crazy, or is this a possible project that could actually be done?
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