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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It isn't that important for me because autoscale enabled and bezel emulation does not really match real-world display.. (display is never exactly centered on real Amiga displays unless user keeps readjusting size and position..)
I know. It's just something that would make things better usability wise, if it worked perfectly. It's definitely not that interesting from a programmer's point of view, I can clearly see that. But for me enhancing the user experience would generally be more important than emulating for example even the most uncommon and/or obscure hardware.

But as I said, noone (at least not me) is blaming you, if you're more interested in doing other things.

You're work on this project is already invaluable. I'm not sure if I had the dedication to put so much time into a project I'm not getting paid for.

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