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Hot Stuff

Please imagine reading this message in front of your mailbox, after you had opened a small box containing 5 disks !

"Oh, it comes from France, well, seems to be my contact Madj..."
"Yeah, more stuff, more disks !"

Remember this good old time ? Before US Robotics, CC, BB, 0 day etc...

Message could have done something like that :
"Dear Friend,

Sorry for the delay, but i've many work at school, with the exams... But here you'll find our very first production : yeah, last but not least !! Read more later.

So there is
- CD 18 from Impact inc. With some old demos/ intros.

- Two Slide-Shows : both are based on the famous EDDIE from Iron Maiden.
The 1st was done by a french crew "HERESYA".
The second one is a kind of co-op between HERESYA and us (DAMAGE INC). We have no connection with foreign Damage Inc, sadly (We didn't knew this name was still in use).

For the story, i've seen the 1st slide and as i had many other pics, postcards from Maiden, i've contacted HERESYA to ask for a second one with my pics. As we had no coder, and are a small team of gfx, swappers, this is a good way for us to do something on the amiga. So we've done some of the gfx in it...

Ok, this is not the ultimate slide show, but this is a first try..

Hope you'll like our prod and this sending, mate !
And don't forget the stamps,


Ok, those disks are in The Zone!
The two slides must be very rare, as they have not been well spread (small groups, first prods, bad design...)

Hope you'll like that, 20 years later !!
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