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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Aspect ratio correction really only works in windowed mode. In non-matching aspect ratio fullscreen mode it can't be really fixed without modifying the image (either pre-made image or modified after loading). In rendering phase image width and height scaling values must be identical or masks will break.
OK. So I will stick to providing bezels for the most common aspect ratios. Otherwise many people will surely try what I tried and send in error reports.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is known problem, no idea whats wrong..
Mh, cross checking this with filtered output without bezel and completely unprocessed output in ddraw with the 'classic' centering mode on the display tab, which both work far better, I would guess there might be something wrong with the automatic transparency calculation algorithm. At least that would be the easiest explanation.

For reference I measured the 16:10 bezel screen manually in Photoshop, with the following results: Left: 308, Top:142, Width:1302, Height:916. And: The center of the bezel screen is more or less exactly at the center of the image (960/600). Do you get the same or similar results?

If you can't find the source of this problem, I would suggest to allow manual correction of the image position. Right now Hor./Vert. position controls aren't accessible when automatic scaling/resizing is active.

Might be a good idea anyway, since some programs aren't even centered on the original the Amiga screen (try North & South for example). Something that's not fixable by WinUAE.

At least unless you want to introduce some background color detection and automatic clipping stuff... (Sorry, I'm getting carried away).

Originally Posted by rhester72
BTW, not to pick nits about such amazing work (and it's unbelievable how much realism WinUAE employs these days!), but given the naturally stereo output of the Amiga (and thus WinUAE), perhaps a 1084S badge would have been more appropriate on the bezel?
Thanks for reminding me. That was a brutal mistake on my side, which I discovered just a little to late (read: I was too lazy to fix it so far). Although in the meantime I thought about naming it 1084X, since it's not 100% original (see first post) anyway.

There are other minor issues (wrong font for example), which I will most likely fix for the final version.

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