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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The 120MHz is a quote from the Xilinx website? The cynic in me wonders how many weeks of tweaking the timing constraints it took to get that? I'd be surprised if there was anything else in the FPGA not that it matters. I wonder which device it was? The $30 part? From what I remember the Microblaze is a much more simple RISC CPU compared to 68060, particularly the CISC addressing vs RISC? (Although reading the specification of v7.30 I do wonder!) I wonder what speeds you get with the Microblaze + FPU (not at all a good comparison for 060 but Xilinx don't quote speeds for the two on their site).
I got the info here (both Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 listed):

Then I just picked one which seemed to have enough logic cells (gates) to fit 68060 based on this table.

BTW: I'm using the SP605 board for my current projects.
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