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Originally Posted by Ambermoon View Post
autoscaling the display area seems to work in general, although the picture appears to be offset by a few pixels in most cases. I couldn't recognize any pattern behind this so far. Some games were offset to the right, others to the left, or up or down or any combination the four directions.
This is known problem, no idea whats wrong..

Aspect ratio correction of the bezel works as long as the actual screen has the same height as the bezel. Using for example the above 16:9 bezel (1920x1080) at a screen res of 1600x1200 though leads to very strange results (sorry no better way to describe it). If you want I can provide screenshots, but most likely it makes more sense to try for yourself.
Aspect ratio correction really only works in windowed mode. In non-matching aspect ratio fullscreen mode it can't be really fixed without modifying the image (either pre-made image or modified after loading). In rendering phase image width and height scaling values must be identical or masks will break.
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