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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Actually the Spartan 6 series of FPGA's from Xilinx e.g. XC6SLX16 @ ~ USD $30 will take you over 100MHz easy, but the problem is that there is no 68060 soft core available (yet).
I work with these things day in day out and the 100+MHz speed ratings they give in datasheets are marketing bullcrap. They are like the maximum frequency for a one flop or something. Once there is a semi complicated design in with a fair amount of routing and clocks and the speed drops off fast. I'm not saying it isn't possible because I've not tried that device but I would have to see it to believe it. I don't think you're going to get anything near the complexity of a 68060 in a $30 Spartan 6 running at 100MHz. Dream on.

I've got a £2k Virtex 6, fastest speed grade, largest capacity device here and it struggles to do my designs at 150MHz.

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I just realized the 68060 have FPU integrated, that would mean a lot of hardware to design on top of the TG68 unless there's are Motorola 68881 / 68882 soft cores available out there.
TG68 is (or was) a standard 68000 core. 16-bit with a single integer execution, no caches, no FPU and a different stack etc. It is very good work but a long way away from the Super Scalar 68060.

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