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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I can honestly say that I would love to see SOFT CPU for an amiga, the ammount geekery I could have would be AWESOME!
I agree.

however when we start talking level shifters, we need to look at 32bit arrays in the SMD package, probably cheaper than $2 a pop - but you will need a few of these.
I was thinking along the lines of a A1200 trapdoor design accelerator rather than a pin compatible 68060 CPU replacement, less pins to level shift and to take advantage of the integrated FPGA memory controller blocks where cheap DDR2 DRAM can be used for example.

this will complicate an alraedy complicated board, I am not saying it cannot be done, I do believe it can - however this would be more of a crusade for a few than a real commercial development for the masses.
How do you mean exactly?


I just realized the 68060 have FPU integrated, that would mean a lot of hardware to design on top of the TG68 unless there are Motorola 68881 / 68882 soft cores available out there.

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