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Maybe we mean something different.

I thought you meant the 'virtual overscan' (man, it's hard to talk about a monitor on a monitor...) that would be neccessary because of the curved appearence of the bezel monitor. With an inside out detection approach - at least the way I would do it - one would detect a bezel screen size a few pixels smaller than it actually is. But then, many ways lead to Rome, and maybe you just do it differently.

If you meant the overscan normal CRT monitor had in reality, I would leave that to the user to decide. I for one adjusted my Amiga monitors overscan differently for serious work (read pathetic first programming attempts), which required to see everything, and games, which I often liked to play at maximum size. So I think this is a setting that depends on situation and/or personal preference, nothing that should be forced on the user. But that's just my opinion.
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